Country Corner

Where can I see the catalog of the Country Corner factory?
On the official website all collections of furniture and accessories are presented. You can also see them at our Country Corner showrooms.

Is there anything else in the collections besides furniture?
The Country Corner factory offers collections that include furniture, individual items, accessories, textiles, and utensils, all combined in one design and style.

If you do not have the product that I need, can I order it?
Of course you can. Ask the consultant in the salon when the receipt is expected, if the goods are not available in the store or in the warehouse.

What is made of Country Corner furniture?
From MDF medium density, allowed for the manufacture of children’s furniture, and from a natural tree-solid wood spruce. The materials are environmentally safe. Paint coatings are certified, applied manually.

Is it possible to wash Country Corner furniture?
First, you should protect furniture from the neighborhood with heating appliances, with contacts with hot dishes. Furniture can spoil the appearance, if it gets acid or alkali. If you want to clean furniture, use a soft cloth moistened with a neutral detergent solution. Cleaning the furniture with powders is not recommended.

What temperature is allowed in the room where the Country Corner furniture is located?
For all furniture, except for furniture intended for bathrooms, the optimum temperature will range from +10 to +40 degrees, with a relative humidity of 66-85%. Otherwise, furniture is not guaranteed to dry out.

Besides home furniture, is there a Country Corner furniture for restaurants or hotels?
Company Country Corner offers in the range of furniture not only for the home. You can pick up furnishings and accessories for a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant. Our designers can give you qualified advice on the design of any project.

Do you have a discount system?
When you buy for up to 10 thousand hryvnia you will receive a discount of three percent.

When the amount of the order is more than 10 thousand UAH, the discount is from 5 to 15%. More details about this you can find out in the salon. In addition, we hold regular promotions and sales, as we inform on our website and in the salons.

Does the cost of furniture include its assembly?
No, you can collect furniture yourself or pay for the services of our professional masters. We do not recommend saving on the assembly, because you can break the warranty by damaging the furniture.


Do you have tabletops of your own production?
All countertops from the catalog presented on our website, and all the tabletops of Canti furniture are manufactured in our factory. We use acrylic, quartz, postforming. The color scale is very extensive. All countertops are certified and designed for long-term use.

When does the guarantee for the kitchen come into effect?
From the moment of signing the act of the executed works, the guarantee obligations come into force. Of course, if by that time the necessary conditions have not been violated.

What are good acrylic countertops?
Acrylic table top is made of a mixture, in which a high content of acrylic resins. The surface has no pores, therefore the material does not absorb moisture, does not deteriorate from acid or alkali, can be cleaned with any cleaning agents. Acrylic does not undergo mold formation. Worktops made of acrylic are made in a wide variety of color shades.

Can I somehow damage the quartz countertop?
The quartz countertop is several times stronger than the granite countertop. Therefore, the strength of the quartz countertop allows it to occupy a leading place among kitchen countertops.

Is it possible to damage the marble countertop?
Marble worktops are an integral part of the classic interior, thanks to a natural unique design and a presentable appearance. But compared with acrylic and quartz, it is much inferior to practical properties. Natural marble absorbs any liquids, leaving spots. Accidentally dropped pan is able to break the countertop. But if you are willing to carefully look after the marble top, then in any case, the choice is yours.

What should I look for when choosing a kitchen?
If you have decided on the design and dimensions of the kitchen set, and before you is a choice of several models, then pay attention to the following. The material of the kitchen should be environmentally friendly, accessories and components of proven manufacturers. Before making the final decision, try opening the lockers, pushing the drawers. Sometimes a choice can be affected by any small thing, up to whether it is convenient to have in your hand the handle of the nightstand.

Can I order furniture for the kitchen according to my drawings?
All your wishes, color, equipment, size of each part will be taken into account when drafting your future kitchen.

How to clean the facades of wood?
If a stain develops on the wooden facade, it should be removed as soon as possible so that the contamination does not have time to absorb deeply.
It is best to use special tools for cleaning wooden furniture. Aggressive chemical fluids, solvents and abrasives can cause irreparable harm to the tree.

Can the furniture dry out?
Wooden furniture is cracked and stratified for natural reasons, due to the structure of wood fibers. These phenomena are much less pronounced in the furniture of proven manufacturers, which guarantee the quality of their furniture.
At the Canti factory, the obligatory condition for starting work with sawn timber is their preliminary preparation in drying chambers for a certain period of time by the action of the temperature required for each type of wood.

Furniture Canti has certificates confirming the quality of the goods?
Our furniture meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. Quality control of each stage of production is regulated by GOST 16371-93 “Furniture. General specifications. ” In addition, our furniture is regularly presented at international trade fairs. The quality of Canti furniture is confirmed by numerous awards and diplomas.

How technically equipped are the facades, doors and drawers of kitchens?
Any facade, even the most massive, will be easily opened by a fragile woman, thanks to lifting mechanisms, gas-lift devices, built-in shock absorbers. There are models that do not provide the installation of handles on drawers and doors, thanks to a special system of opening the door by lightly pressing it. It’s also easy to push the drawer to close it. The door closer will do it without your efforts.

What are the features of selecting and installing the hood?
The hood is selected according to the width of the plate. The size must match exactly for effective air circulation. Above the electric stove the hood is mounted at a height of not less than 65 centimeters, above the gas one not less than 75 cm.

Is it possible to measure the dimensions for ordering a kitchen?
Of course, this is your right. But only in the event that you take into account the location of sockets, switches, the construction of the ventilation system.
Our advice, trust professionals! Our masters have extensive experience in measuring and installing kitchen furniture, they are responsible for each size, which guarantees a further qualitative assembly.

Как долго устанавливают кухню?
The kitchen is a separate items and elements that must be carefully adjusted in place, taking into account the layout of the room, the need to connect built-in equipment, the location of electrical wiring and ventilation ducts. Therefore, this complex technological process can last up to two days.

Italian furniture

What kind of furniture do you have?
In the salons of Canti you can choose sets for living rooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms, office, store, kitchen. You can buy ready-made sets, and pieces of furniture individually. There are sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs.
About the renewal of collections we widely inform our customers in shops and on our website.

Can I buy cast chairs?
We have polycarbonate chairs designed for use both indoors and outdoors. This material is resistant to temperature changes, it perfectly serves without loss of quality, even when exposed to wind, sun and rain.

When buying a set of furniture, I had a need to buy some more items in addition. Can I make an additional order?
Of course it is possible. But you should take into account that in the production of furniture sets, the texture and shade of color are carefully chosen. Therefore, when ordering additional items, there may be a slight discrepancy with the furniture available for you for these characteristics.

Do you have accessories for interior decoration?
In our salons you can choose furnishings and decor elements suitable for your interior: mirrors, tables, hangers, shelves, watches, vases, bookshelves and other beautiful trifles.

Do you have any items from the lighting category?
One of our trusted suppliers is the Italian factory Jago. It is represented by chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and lamps. The original design of these products complements the use of the famous high-quality Murano glass, which has a unique color.

In what terms is the delivery of furniture?
If you do not have the opportunity to pick up the goods from the salon, our service will deliver the purchased goods to you within 3 days, depending on your address.

How long does it take to wait for the ordered furniture from Italy?
Due to the vacation in the Italian factories in August and January, delivery at this time may take a little longer. Standard cabinet furniture is usually brought in for two months. Upholstered furniture for three. Non-standard furniture or individual orders are carried out for three months.

What is the warranty period for Italian furniture?
Furniture of Italian manufacturers has a guarantee for a period of 18 months. This does not apply to damage caused to furniture mechanically, if you do it yourself shipping and installation.

Are there beds for sale that are larger than two meters?
Several models have non-standard sizes. Some manufacturers do not make large beds due to the nuances of design and production capabilities. The bed can be made longer by knowing this possibility in the factory.

I want to buy a bed, but it goes without a mattress. Is it possible to select a mattress separately?
We offer mattresses of our own production and Italian mattresses of the ALTRENOTTI factory. Consultants in the salon will help you make the right choice, based on your wishes.

What kind of mattresses do you have?
Our mattresses differ in the rigidity provided by independent steel springs, which have different thicknesses. Filler mattresses are foam with a layer of MEMORY REST and foam ACTIVEFOAM. Thanks to the design features, the mattresses adapt to the person’s weight and temperature, do not deform, pass the air and have an easy massage effect.

How often do you have furniture collections updated?
We update the range and offer new products regularly, once every 1-2 months.

Furniture in the cabin is quite expensive, can you buy it on installments?
We can give you a check for the goods, on the basis of which you apply to the bank for a loan for the purchase of furniture. Also, you can buy furniture during regular sales, when the price of furniture is significantly reduced.

Can I buy furniture by paying by cashless method?
To buy by bank transfer it is necessary to issue a bill in the salon and pay it within three banking days.

Living rooms. Bedrooms. Cushioned furniture. Baby.

What of the furniture is always available?
In accordance with the warehouse program, the stock always has furniture from the main collections. More detailed information on the availability of a particular product can be found in the cabin or with a regional representative. Furniture, which is pre-ordered according to the individual dimensions of the client, may not always be in stock. This furniture for arrangement of cabinets, sofas, beds, modular walls.

Can I order separately additional shelves for the cabinet?
You can. Go to the salon where you bought the furniture, there you will be helped to make an order, selecting the necessary elements in color and size in accordance with the design of the furniture you previously bought.

What does flax need for a mattress?
Linen fabric is made from vegetable raw materials, it is ecological and safe for human health. Len lets in air, prevents the body from overheating, does not create a greenhouse effect. Linen interlayer is needed to regulate the microclimate while resting on the mattress.

Can I fully furnish an apartment with your furniture in one design?
This is not only possible, but also necessary! The CANTI furniture is of high quality and is presented in various categories. It will not be difficult at all to pick up kitchen sets, sets for a drawing room, a bedroom, a nursery, a bathroom combined with one design decision. Supplement your interior with accessories, utensils, textiles.

How reliable is the design of the bed?
The design of the bed is reliable, the strength is checked at all stages of production. The crocheted belt is connected by two metal cross members, which have additional metal feet, 2 on each (together 4 pieces). Above all the structure is covered with a grid.

CANTI sells own production mattresses?
Yes, we produce springless mattresses and mattresses with a spring unit of two types. Spring blocks, fillers and fabrics for covers in the manufacture of mattresses are of only high quality.

The size of the bed is the size of the bed?
No, the bed is bigger than the mattress. The bed has a footboard, a headboard, ledges and decor elements.

Where can I find out the cost of CANTI furniture?
Retail prices are the same in all CANTI salons. In any region, they have the same range. Contact the salon for more specific information. Also contacts are available on our website.