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Furniture for the HoReCa segment and trade enterprises

An integral part of our daily life is associated with the use of furniture items at home and at work. Comfortable, beautiful furniture allows you to feel comfortable during the rest. The ergonomic design of office furniture allows you to successfully spend a working day. In production and in trade, special furniture improves working conditions and increases productivity.

Furniture requires an individual approach for selection according to a functional purpose, therefore the assortment of pieces of furniture is extremely wide.

For 24 years of its existence, CANTI has won respectful customers and has taken one of the leading positions among manufacturers in the furniture industry

  • The company’s furniture production is located on an area of 25 hectares
  • Highly skilled employees, designers, designers work at the enterprise. Any desire of the client is embodied in unique projects having an individual style and differing in the accuracy of the furniture assembly
  • Manufacture of furniture is done from certified materials, high-quality reliable furniture fittings and components of reliable suppliers from Italy, Austria, Germany are used. The facades of the CANTI furniture are made of natural wood, chipboard housings, covered with paintwork materials produced in Italy and Switzerland. Elements of furniture are covered with the veneer of beech, cherry, alder, ash. Worktops are made of acrylic, post forming, quartz. The furniture of the HoReCa segment manufactured by the CANTI factory meets the international quality standards ISO.
  • Each stage of production, from project development to assembly at the customer, undergoes thorough quality control and compliance with modern standards
  • The service department works in a clear, well-established mode, producing quality warranty and post-warranty service
  • The logistics service works with strict adherence to the terms of delivery of materials, constantly optimizes the delivery process.

In addition to its own production, CANTI imports furniture from France and Italy and is also the official representative of Country Corner, the French furniture factory. The CANTI corporate salons are located in 300 settlements of Ukraine, and the dealer network continues to develop actively. CANTI products can be bought in the Baltic countries, in the UK, USA, and Canada, in the territory of the former Soviet Union. CANTI Furniture Factory offers a wide range of products. Among the main product groups:

Furniture for kitchen

The kitchens in the classical style and the Art Nouveau style are distinguished by their unique design, they can choose from a large palette of shades, with elegant reliable fittings.

Furniture for bathrooms

Headsets for bathroom facilities meet the highest demands of customers. You can choose furniture for any size and layout.

Furniture for home

The furniture design is made in the styles of loft, modern, classic. Among the offered furniture are furniture walls for living rooms and children’s rooms, bedroom sets, upholstered furniture in sets and individually, mattresses, tables, and chairs.

Office furniture

Among the offered furniture are fully equipped executive offices, functional receptions for reception rooms, sofas and kits for the visitors’ zone, tables and chairs for office workers. Office furniture CANTI is used in state institutions, in modern offices of representative offices of foreign companies, in entertainment centers.

Furniture of Italian and French factories

Decor items, furniture, accessories, textiles, dishes of the French factory Country Corner will help to give your house a charm of Provence.

Furniture and accessories from Italy are represented by more than 100 manufacturers. There are living rooms and bedrooms, kitchens and offices, tables and chairs. In the production of raw materials from natural wood.

Furniture for the HoReCa segment and trade enterprises

Tables, chairs, sofas, shopping marts, racks for hotels, restaurants, shops meet international requirements for use in the HoReCa segment.

The equipment for HoReCa will allow you to fully staff the professional cuisine of a catering establishment, to use in business processes of any industry:

  • Laundry appliances and equipment
  • Bar Equipment
  • Kitchen appliances, appliances and production equipment
  • Refrigeration and freezing equipment
  • Electrical appliances and furnaces
  • Kitchen lines and self-service lines.

Furniture and equipment offered by CANTI are installed and successfully performs its functions in hotels, sanatoria, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centers.

When performing warranty maintenance, sometimes replacement of furniture elements or spare parts of equipment is required. The order and delivery are carried out in the shortest possible time, spare parts are delivered directly by their manufacturer.

During the seasonal ripening of fruits, berries, vegetables, CANTI regularly holds shares, which allow the profitable purchase of equipment for harvesting products.

Many buyers are willing to take part in the CANTI events on testing equipment and instruments, in master classes on the use of tools and techniques in the cooking process.

CANTI offers buyers a system of accumulation of bonuses for use in further purchases.

Constantly take measures to reduce the price of certain types of goods, giving the opportunity to use the discount and save money.

By creating an account on the CANTI website, the buyer has the ability to quickly place an order, monitor its status, accumulate and realize bonuses, and use the discount system provided to regular customers.

Latest Entries

The CANTI furniture collection is regularly updated. Our goal is to introduce the latest technology to maximize the comfort of our customers.