Over the long history of its existence, Canti has acquired a wealth of experience in the production of furniture. Production areas occupy more than 25 hectares. A huge staff of qualified engineers and experienced workers are working on creating new projects and ensuring customer requests.

Furniture is distinguished by quality, reliability and functionality. The skill and professionalism of the company’s employees allows us to produce furniture that is highly valued at exhibitions, is awarded international diplomas and is confirmed by numerous certificates.

In the production process, environmentally friendly materials-alder, ash, veneer, are used. Wood is prepared for sawing in modern drying chambers.

Decorative parts and structural elements are processed on high-precision machines.

The surface treatment of hulls and facades is carried out by Swiss and Italian paint and varnish materials. When painting facades, the roller method of applying paint is used, which excludes its staining.

German, Austrian, Italian furniture complements the furniture, giving it uniqueness and style.

The mechanisms of European manufacturers used in the manufacture of furniture allow you to smoothly open and close cabinets, draw drawers and baskets without effort.

Shelf holders securely fix them. Particular attention is paid to fixing glass shelves and furniture design elements to ensure safe operation.

As materials for facades are used:

  • natural wood;
  • chipboard, covered with veneer, plastic;
  • Acrylic plates.

Stained glass, matt and transparent is installed in cabinets, cupboards and boxes.

In addition to aesthetic qualities, furniture in bathrooms must have certain properties.

Moisture resistance

The optimum material for use in a humid environment is a natural tree. You can also use other materials, but covered with a waterproof layer, which excludes its swelling and delamination.

Ease of care

All surfaces of furniture in the bathroom should be easy to clean.

Optimal design

The presence of a warm floor in the bathroom, therefore, constant heating, will not affect the quality of furniture, if you choose hanging or hanging pedestals. Also, the system of the warm floor will not be destroyed if the furniture legs do not press on it.

Ergonomic furniture Canti for bathrooms and a wide range allows it to buy to owners and large rooms, and small bathrooms.

In the spacious bathrooms are installed large chests of drawers and cabinets for linen and towels, benches and armchairs for a comfortable stay in the bathroom, overall mirrors with intelligent lighting systems. You can buy ready-made sets of furniture for bathrooms, each subject is designed in one style solution and has one design.

In rooms with a limited size it is appropriate to equip compact furniture. A good solution will be a corner pencil case, a narrow curbstone under the washstand, hanging cabinets and shelves of shallow depth. Facades are better to choose light shades with a glossy or mirror coating.

In all the bathrooms, regardless of their size, the interior is decorated with mirrors. Both in the form of mirrored doors with lighted cabinets, and framed with frames, the design of which corresponds to the design of furniture for the bathroom. Mirror surfaces can visually increase the space of the room.

Company Canti produces more than 14 models of furniture for bathrooms. Each has an individual design and style, meets hygiene standards.

Design of DEVIT

In cooperation with the DEVIT brand, the design of bathrooms PIEDMONT 2, PRIMAVERA 1, PRIMAVERA 3, VALENCIA 2, VINTAGE 1 has been developed. Each of them is a ready-made kit for arranging a bathroom room.

  • Model PIEDMONT 2. DEVIT by Canti is painted in the color of alabaster.
  • Two models, PRIMAVERA 1 and PRIMAVERA 3 have facades made of natural wood, dark walnut. They are decorated with carvings and bronze fittings.
  • Bathroom VALENCIA 2. DEVIT Canti is executed in elegant design, facades and the case of furniture of sand color. In the doors of the cupboards there are curly cutouts. In the doors of the canisters, matte panes are inserted. The legs of the furniture are decorated with carvings.
  • Original retro design has furniture model VINTAGE 1, made in color anti-white. The doors of cabinets, structural elements, have a specially aged look. The furniture legs are made in a spherical carved shape. The furniture is decorated with artistic patterned details. Pens have porcelain inserts.

Original bathroom furniture

Among the modern models there are bright, nothing like copies.

  • URBAN-differs with interesting polymeric facades, which have a wood texture. This model has clear, direct forms;
  • The facades of model Y-44 are made of acrylic, very durable material. In the furniture of the model Y-44 there is a backlighting and a hanging bracket giving a floating view to the furniture;
  • FIESTA and OLIVIA – two models in the style of minimalism, a combination of white and blue and black and white colors, furniture is laconic compact.

Conservatism and Classics

  • The natural tree serves as a material for the furniture facades of CAROLINA and PRIMAVERA models. Style emphasizes stained glass, fittings, carving;
  • The CASABLANCA model is made in soft pastel shades, it is light and refined;
  • VALENCIA is a representative of the Spanish style, the facades have beautiful cutouts, furniture items included in the kit, emphasize the Mediterranean flavor;
  •  A wide range of classic models adorn pilasters, columns, decorative visors, arches, cornices. Elements of decor are decorated with gold patina. The fittings are made in a refined vintage style.

Bathroom furniture company Canti can satisfy any whim of demanding customers. Buyers can choose ready-made sets or pick up individual pieces of furniture to create coziness and comfort in the bathroom.