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International firm of architects, designers and furniture designers specializing in a wide range of commercial, residential and public projects.

For almost a quarter of a century, the Canti Furniture Factory has been actively working to produce high quality products and expand production. The main task of the company’s development policy is to satisfy customers’ requests and gain their trust due to the high level of skill of the factory’s employees. The production area occupies 25 hectares. The workshops are equipped with modern equipment that has computer control, and high-precision tools.

The company Canti is constantly improving the technical base, introducing advanced technologies and updating the equipment, achieving conformity of the products to international ISO standards.


Among the personnel of the factory are experienced specialists, skilled workers. Engineers, designers and designers regularly improve their qualifications, attend international profile exhibitions. This allows them to closely monitor trends in fashion trends in the furniture market.

When working on furniture projects, our specialists, based on their knowledge and experience, implement bold design solutions that combine exclusive design and excellent product performance.


Production facilities of the Canti factory include equipment made in Germany, Italy, Austria.

Drying chambers are used to prepare hardwoods. On a quadrilateral machine, more than seven thousand parts are produced per day.

In the shop where the cutting and processing of table-tops is done, complex processing technologies are used to work with such a hard material as quartz.

The production of kitchens is carried out by a conveyor method, which enhances the quality of each assembly stage. This reduces the number of errors during assembly.

Covering the elements of the furniture design with paint is done with the help of rolls. This allows you to apply paint on the furniture more efficiently and efficiently.

Materials and components used

  • For the production of facades are used natural wood. The carving on the facades is done manually by the experienced carvers of the Canti factory. Also, the facades of the kitchens are decorated with Petrikovskaya rospia. Elements of the housing made of chipboard are covered with beech, alder veneer, veneer from cherry and ash. The use of chipboard is allowed even for the production of children’s furniture.
  • Paintwork materials supplied from Italy and Switzerland have quality certificates confirming the absence of components that are hazardous to human health.
  • Worktops are made of acrylic, postforming, quartz. Quartz is particularly strong material, heat-resistant and not subject to the influence of aggressive media.
  • The furniture of the HoReCa segment produced by the company meets the international quality standards ISO.
  • The fittings are supplied by Austrian, German and Italian manufacturers. These are door closers, lift mechanisms, lifts, hinges, shelf holders and much more.
  • When manufacturing elements of furniture from glass, it is ensured reliable fixation of it in the structure to ensure the safety of further use.
  • Fabrics used for upholstering furniture, allow you to use upholstered furniture for a long time without losing the appearance. Fillers have a durability and strength, providing elasticity of sofas and armchairs.
  • At all stages of Canti furniture production, quality control is carried out to meet international standards.
  • For service at a high level, its own service is working.
  • The MERX factory guarantees high quality of the produced products. This is confirmed by the numerous certificates, diplomas and awards received by the company.



Canti kitchens are made in a large number of color shades, in different style solutions, in combinations of wood, plastic, glass and ceramics. More than forty unique models are produced.

Furniture for home

Furniture Factory Canti offers the design of different interiors, complementing them with furniture or fully manning the room with headsets. Buyers are offered living rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, offices. Separately, you can buy tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, shelves, shelves.
Furniture for bathroom furnishing will help realize the most daring design fantasy, even in a small room. For this we offer 14 models, each of which is unique.

Office furniture

The executive offices, production departments, visitor areas and secretarial workstations can be located in non-standard layouts. For any conditions, the Canti factory will fulfill the order according to individual sizes, if there is no suitable furniture in the assortment line. Canti has experience working on large projects to equip large enterprises and organizations with furniture, completing the package in a unified style and exclusive design.

Furniture for the HoReCa segment

Each hotel, sanatorium, restaurant, entertainment complex has its own design features, its own corporate style of the interior. Again, the interior space has different sizes.
Even the chairs for buyers or the shop window should correspond to the overall design style.
Shelving, designed for layout of goods, and storage systems in the offices of shopping centers are designed to optimize the work and increase the productivity of staff.
In order to take into account all the nuances and solve the problem of the complex provision of an enterprise belonging to the HoReCa sphere, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. Therefore, contact MERX for personal service. Experts of the company, before forming an order and launching it into production, will necessarily give professional recommendations and help with the choice of furniture of the factory.